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US soldiers photo album . Served in Germany 1945-46

Here I offer a DVD containing over 350 high resolution scans ( 1200 dpi) produced from an excellent original photo album .The album belonged to an American GI who served in Europe 25th Dec 1944 -April 26th 1946 . Thankfully he has listed the places visited and dates so we have an outline of his journey throughout Europe ( mostly Germany ) ...he went through 58 towns within Germany during the war .

There are approx 100 original photos showing devastation to buildings and towns within Germany .Locations include Fulda , Kaiserlautern, saarbrucken, wurzburg, kitzingen and Nurnberg. There are plenty of photos of US Jeeps , Army Trucks and Gi's in uniform .There are 5 very haunting photos which were taken by the original owner of the album ..these show scenes from Tittling in Germany ...1200 bodies were uncovered "the work of the Nazis " 4th May 1945 ..the bodies are covered by blankets ..Civilian women and children are pictured in one photo digging graves for the bodies , another photo shows women viewing the bodies .There are a good number of photos of wrecked Luftwaffe planes with Gi's inspecting ( approx 25 photos )..these are at 2 sites Wurzburg and Kitzingen ...planes include ju88 night fighters , He111, ju87 ,Focke-Wulf Fw190s including 2 photos with US markings .Several photos ( approx 12 ) show US military aircraft based at Kitzingen . Some nice nose art pics . One photo shows a US Stuart tank upside down after hitting a landmine . 3 good photos show German Panther panzers knocked out at Kitzingen .Other photos were taken on the siegfried line , nice images of bunkers and coastal defences at Bremerhaven . This album offers a fascinating insight into this mans war .many of the photos are captioned .

If you would like a copy of this cd for £ 10 ( freepostage ) paying via paypal please click on paypal button...please note this disc is excluded from any of my special offer deals   

US soldiers album Germany 1945