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Royal Marines Commando's Photo album served 1945-48 ..features training and service in Malta .

Here I offer a cd containing over 200 high res scans of photos from an original photo album which belonged to John Edward Underhill .I have also scanned the album pages which have many captions alongside the photos .There are many photos of John in training with his fellow Royal Marines ..locations Deal ( 932) 1946 , Lympstone Devon and Towyn ( north Wales ) .In 1947 he served in Malta ..with 45 Commando .

 The album contains many uniformed photos .. highlights include some fascinating / rare photos of the commando special boat section ...Photos show a light weight 2 man inflatable canoe being pulled out of forward hatch on HMS Solent ( british S class submarine ) and men rowing away from the sub . 3 photos show Marines with humber ? scout /armoured car ...There are also some nice photos of Royal Navy ships in Grand harbour Malta ..these include Aircraft carriers HMS Triumph and HMS Indefatigable , a few of HMS Ajax plus another British Sub K-36 and troopship HMT Empress of Australia .There is also a good photo of Major-General Laycock ( former Chief of Combined operations ) . I have also scanned the pages of Johns Royal Marines issue booklet , which contains 30 pages of basic history of the Royal Marines , kit and expected conduct .An interesting group of photos .

If you would like a copy of this cd for £10( free postage ) paying via paypal please click on paypal button

Royal marine commando album 1945-48