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RAF Airmans photo album ..served at RAF Odiham with 247 fighter squadron 1951-52

Here on offer is a cd containing 52 high resolution scans ( mostly 1200dpi) produced from an original photo album .

The album appears to have belonged to a RAF Leading aircrew mechanic , although one photo shows him in full flight gear exiting a cockpit , so perhaps he was also a pilot .

The photos were taken while in service with 247 fighter squadron at RAF Odiham in Hampshire 1951 -1952 .

The original owner is seen throughout , although frustratingly I do not know his identity ( I would like to know his name if anyone can help out ) .

There are 4 large group photos ..these show 'A' & 'B' flights , 247 fighter squadron RAF Odiham dated 1951and 52 has the names on reverse ...our man is marked as "self"....many men pictured , nice clear images . Another photo has a line of marching RAF men taking part in Battle of Britain ceremony at Basingstoke .

Several photos show our chap carrying out routine checks on jet fighters . There are some good photos of Vampires and Meteors mk 7 and 8's at RAF Odiham ..single planes in photos and several photos showing many planes on the airfield..a number of these photos relate to exercise 'Pinnacle' photo dated Oct 51, has many men struggling with a Vampire jet that had become bogged down off the runway after a burst tire . Another photo taken mid- air has 3 Vampires flying in formation ..there are also photos of RAF Odiham hangers .

One photo shows Viscount Montgomerys Dakota .

The remainder are mainly of the original owner in uniform , either posing on his own or with his RAF collegues .

A good collection of photos for anyone interested in the relatively early days of RAF Jet fighters or RAF Odiham in particular .

If you would like a copy of this cd for £6 ( free postage )..paying via paypal , please click on paypal tab...

RAF Odiham 1951