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Here I offer a cd containing 153 high resolution scans ( 1200Dpi ) produced from a excellent original photo album.

The album belonged to a long serving engineer officer ...Edwin A G Whittle served on a number of ships including HMS Sussex early 1930s , the ill-fated aircraft carrier HMS .Courageous during the mid 1930s and HMS Arethusa during WW2 . I have a summary of his naval record ..1928 Midshipman to 1963 when he had risen to rank of Commodore .

Edwin Whittle served on a number of ships including HMS Sussex early 1930s ...The ill-fated HMS Courageous ....mid 1930s and HMS Arethusa during WW2 .

over 100 of the photos are naval related , the remainder being places visited .

There are approx 25 photos relating to HMS Courageous and its planes ..6 great photos of the huge aircraft carrier in dry dock , a number showing plane crashes on and around the ship. Other photos show planes landing on flight deck , ship from the air , crew on deck being inspected by the future King and senior officers .

There are a few photos of HMS Sussex , 3 showing severe damage to HMS Arethusa ( the result of an italian attack) , a good photo of King George VI abourd HMS Arethusa 16 june 1944...Major General Laycock , Sir Charles Portal and Admiral Sir Bertram ramsay are also in the photo .....there are other photos of Royal navy ships not captioned .

8 good quality photos show men in the workshops of the Royal Navy Workshops at Keyham college .

4 photos show a non identified liner ablaze , 5 photos show earthquake damage at Ierossos where the Royal Navy was sent to help out with relief .

One of the best naval albums I have come across .

Footnote : On 17th Sept 1939 , just 2 weeks after the outbreak of WW2 , HMS Courageous was Torpedoed by U-29 . The huge aircraft carrier capsized and within 20 minutes had sunk ..518 of her crew perished .

to buy a copy of this cd for £6 ( free postage and packaging) paying via paypal ..please click here .....