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Fleet Air Arm photos . Belonged to Naval Pilot D.M.Surry photos dated 1946-1947

Here I offer a DVD containing 121 high resolution scans produced from an original photo album which belonged to Captain Edward Herbert Simpson .

Captain Simpson was born 19.10.1876 . He served with the South African Light Horse and Liverpool Kings Regiments .

He served with the South African Light Horse during the Relief of LadySmith . Wounded at Colenso 12.02.1900 . Commissioned 19.05.1900 . He is pictured in Liverpool regiment uniform in several photos with fellow officers wearing black armbands following the death of Queen Victoria in 1901 ( officers wore the black armbands for many months after her death ) . 


Simpson retired from the regulars 9th April 1910 . On 1914 army list 4th battalion the Kings regiment . 

There are several photos which suggest he became a doctor / surgeon taken within hospital wards , operating theatre( operation in progress) , hospital train , nurses etc

There are a fair number of photos of the South African light horse , a good numner of photos relating to the Liverpool Kings regiment , 3 photos taking during the Boer war of Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders . Photo of 4.7 inch Naval gun on gun carriage ..this gun required a 12 man gun crew , it could be " Lady Roberts" which was captured by the Boers during the Battle of Helvetia . There is a nice photo of Ladysmith railways station circa 1900 ..

Other photos include places visited ..I strongly suspect Edward Simpson served in India and Far East at different times in his army career .

If you would like a copy of this excellent photo album scanned on DVD , for £10 ( freepostage) paying via paypal please click here .

Edward Simpson boer war

Update provided by Iain forum site member .. on Edward Herbert Simpson (19.10.1876 - 11.12.1954)

He was my Great Uncle. As you know he served in the Boer War and WW1. The cards were to Harold Simpson(his younger brother who became a doctor) and Rev & Mrs Joseph Simpson (parents). He became a barrister (not very successful) before WW1 and eventually became a pensioner as one of the Military Knights of Windsor ('Poor Knights' : ... of_Windsor  .

He married a French lady in 1920 and died in 1954

According to a press cutting we have :

He fought in Cuba as an irregular,

Became a medical student - later he became a Commandant in the St John's Ambulance.

In the Boer War he paid his own fare to South Africa and joined up as an NCO.

He was wounded at Hussar Hill , recommended for a V.C. but got promoted instead.

He later served in Nigeria.

In WW1 where he 'returned to hospital as a casualty from the trenches' .

He was a Judge-Advocate in the Third Army under Gen Monroe and was Awarded the M.C. at the end of 1916