Here I offer a DVD containing 280 high resolution scans ( 1200 dpi ) produced from an original photo album .
RAF Group Captain Rexford-Welsh The Album belonged to Group Captain Samuel Rexford-Welsh ...a medical officer . A cambridge graduate , he was born in 1915 and died this year ..2013 .
Rexford-Welsh saw service in India, Burma and Singapore . The majority of the photos I suspect were taken in Singapore during 1946 , shortly after wars end . Although some will date to the war years . The scans have been produced from photos and original negatives . There are many excellent images . However , sadly a fair number of the photos and negs are either faded or damaged , so please do not expect all the images to be perfect / professional quality , because they are not .
Contents include :
RAF Spitfire 152 Squadron RAF Tengah 19463 good quality aeriel photos taken above RAF Tengah 1946 ..Runway , hangers and 152 Squadron Spitfires seen on ground . A few more photos of 152 sqd Spits and oil tanker with squadron emblem .
RAF Spitfire 155 Squadron RAF Tengah 1946several photos of 155 Squadron Spitfires .
Some large group photos posing in front of Spitfires .
3 photos feature RAF Mosquito planes ( 2 crash landed ) . 2 photos of RAF Sea Otters . 2 photos of Liberators , 2 of Stirling Bombers ( 1 crash landed ) .
2 photos of sunderland flying boats . US lightning , several photos of Douglas Dakotas .
Approx 8 photos feature captured Japanese planes in RAF markings ...5 of these have A.T.A.I.U S.E.A written on sides ...Allied Technical Air intelligence Unit South East Asia ....basically the RAF were flying these captured planes to learn about them . Unfortunately these negs have faults , so not brilliant quality ..But still rare images .
There are several photos of Japanese prisoners of War . Several photos show them working around the base and working on the construction of a new runway at RAF Tengah .....there are a fair number of photos showing the construction of the runway ...Rexford-Welsh is seen driving a bulldozer in a couple of photos .
A good number of photos feature jeeps .
WW2 RAF Jeep A few photos show the ceremony of the Japanese surrender of Singapore ..I think these are images Rexford-Welsh has taken , rather than "purchased professional " images .
A few photos show Rexford-Welsh's patients...Including sick Japanese soldiers ... ( Beri-Beri and foot rots )
There are plenty of photos taken at RAF Tengah ..buildings etc . Plenty of uniformed men , Photos of street scenes / locals in Singapore ..all dated 1946 .
This is an interesting collection of photos , giving a flavour of this mans service .
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