USAAF Photo album Italy  1944-45 379th bombardment squadron  B25 bomber
photo of B25 bomber Here I offer a DVD containing 46 high resolution 1200dpi scans produced from an original photo album . ( first listed 25th Oct 2012 )
Album belonged to USAAF Armourer / rear gunner Sgt .Clarence Helland , who served with 310th BG , 379th bombardment squadron . He served at Ghisonaccia airfield Corsica 1944-45 .
He was rear gunner on B25 J "Smiling Through" .
USAAF 379th Squadron  B25 bombers over Northern Italy 1945Approximately 12 of the photos were taken by Helland ( not a professional photographer ) from his rear gunners position . Here we see rare aerial images taken on bombing missions over Northern Italy 1944-45. These images include flight formations of B25's , flak coming up , bombs dropping / smoke from the bombs hitting the ground .
There are a few photos showing the entire crew on the ground ..I have added their names to the scans captions ...all are identified . There are also a couple of photos showing B25's on ground . The remainder show Sgt .Helland in flight gear or uniform ..a few posing in uniform with his wife / girlfriend .
A nice collection of images offering a view of WW2 through their eyes ! If you would like a copy disc for £10 ( free postage ) . Please click on paypal button below ..or contact me .
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