WW2 Photo of Liberator gunnerALBUMS WANTED .
  I'm always looking to purchase quality photo albums .If you have an original photo album which you think I may be interested in , I would love to hear from you .
   If  you have a family / personal album that you would rather not part with , I'm happy to pay for special delivery from your home , scan the original album at a very high resolution , give you a cd , plus cash and return  your album  via special delivery within 2 days .
  I now have several good links to publishers and authors worldwide, should they wish to at some time use any of the images which originate from your album , I will share 50% of any publishing rights money if you are in agreement .
   Feel free to contact me on ( UK mobile phone)  07809831411 .
   or email [email protected]
   many thanks
Photo of German luftwaffe pilot
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