Sailors photo album served on HMS Exeter 1936-1940.
Photo of HMS Exeter sailor       A second sailors photo album who also served on HMS Exeter . This young man was a signaller on the ship .
  The album contains 76 photos which I have scanned to 1200dpi . There are some nice photos of HMS Exeter , Photos of HMS Exeter's Walrus seaplanes , 9 photos of the Chilean Earthquake in 1939 , where the crew of HMS Exter helped in the relief effort ( one photo shows a baby who was born on the Exeter whose mother had survived the Quake .
   15 photos of German Battleship Graf Spee , these are photos which would have been purchased by the sailor ...around 12 of these photo show the scuttling of the Graf Spee after the Battle of the river plate .
  There are also photos of HMS Leander , HMS Revenge and HMS Royal Oak .
  The original owner is pictured in 2 photos taken at HMS St.Vincent at Gosport , a training base for young seamen .
  If you would like a cd of this collection of photos for £ 6 ( freepostage ) , paying via paypal , please click here ...
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