German officers photo album ..served Invasion of Poland , France and the Balkans.
ww2 photo of German PanzerHere I offer a DVD containing over 280 high resolution scans ( 1200dpi ) produced from an original German WW2 photo album . First listed 09.03.2103
The album covers a RAD Officers service.. during the invasion of Poland 1939 . He then moves into infantry , serving in the invasion of Belguim & france . From here he serves in the Balkans during 1941..this is where the album ends .
The album starts in Poland , the young RAD officer is seen wearing a Deutche Wehrmacht armband . Approx one third of the photos cover his time in Poland . Photos of note include several of killed in action Polish soldiers , Polish Pow's , devastation to buildings ,blown bridges , several photos of Jews at Radom in Poland ( it was soon to become a Ghetto ) ..these poor souls ultimately were shipped off to Treblinka concentration camp . 4 photos show damage to Polish planes on an airfield . 5 photos feature a derailed train , its carriages are full of artillery shells and ammunition's amazing that the train did not explode .
After Poland , he took his part in the invasion of Belguim and france . Here again there are more photos of dead soldiers , both french and British . POWs ..french and British . Panzers crossing the River Seine . 3 wrecked RAF Fairy battles , Burnt out RAF Hurricane , crashed French fighter . Devastation to french towns including several taken in Chimay , Aberville ,Neufchatel , Rouen and Nantes .
From france service moves onto the Balkans in 1941 appears the German soldiers had a lot of long marching to do . There are 2 haunting photos of a column of Jewish refugees ..and another photo showing a column of Serbian Pow's . The albums original owner is seen throughout . This album gives a real flavour of his war time experiences .
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