photo of German WW2 Kruppe Protze army truck in Greece 1941A new DVD containing 330 high resolution scans of photos  ( 1200 dpi ) produced from an original WW2 photo album . In addition I have also scanned the album pages which contain many captions .
The album belonged to a German luftwaffe soldier Gunter Geucke . The album covers his service in 1941 and the invasion of the Balkans , Greece and Crete .
Photo of Sturmgeschutz StuG III assault gun Greece 1941There are many fine quality images of military vehicles ...these include 3 of Sturmgeschute StuGIII assault guns / panzers , military vehicles on the move , a good number featuring Kruppe Protze military truck / artillary tractor ( one photo shows Gunter filling his Kruppe with captured English fuel ) . There are photos of bomb damage on both Greece and Crete , photos of POWS , military funeral services , German graves ..including one which has Fallschirmjager helmets on temporary crosses . There are also gebirgsjager troops seen on the deck of a troopship . There is a photo of an overturned British tank, captured Australian ? truck , captured Greek artillary ,
  3 interesting photos show a US Douglas Dakota transport plane with German markings ..this plane may well have been one of the Dutch KLM planes captured by the Germans during the invasion of Holland . There are photos of German Ju 52 transport planes ...2 photos show soldiers en-route to Crete within the plane dated 23.05.1941( just 3 days after the start of the invasion of crete ) .
Photo of German WW2 Kubelwagon Crete 1941Towards the end of the album , we see a sick looking Gunter , he contracted malaria while serving on Crete . ( there are 2 war leave documents within the album covering his initial period of illness ) .
Places mentioned include ..Belgrade , Salonika , Larissa , Chalkis ( chalcis),  Athens , Pireus ( Piraeus) ,Tanagra ,  Suda bay ( includes distant shot of the damaged HMS York ) , Heraklion, Iraklion ....
There are many photos of Gunter and his fellow comrades taken at rest , posing in front of the Acropolis and other tourist spots , a good number of photos of locals going about there day to day lives .
This is an excellent album and offers a fascinating glimpse into this mans war time experience .
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photo of German soldiers at the Acropolis Greece 1941
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