Fleet Air Arm photos . Belonged to Naval Pilot D.M.Surry photos dated 1946-1947 
   Here I offer a cd containing 177 high resolution scans produced from a British Naval pilots photo album who served with the fleet air arm .I strongly suspect that D.M.Surry served during WW2 as there is a photo of him while at naval training base HMS Arthur dating to circa 1941 . The album however,  dates to 1946-1947 and relates mainly to time spent in service around Singapore .
   There are photos which were taken at RAF Sembawang in Singapore , this was also Royal Naval station HMS Simbang which was used by aircraft carrier pilots for rest and refitting of carrier planes .
  One photo shows a crashed Seltar Beaufighter near HMS Simbang 25.03.1947 . Another photo shows a crashed Fairy Firefly ablaze on the deck of HMS .Theseus . 
  There are some nice photos of Fairey Firefly planes , photos of Supermarine seafire planes , and photo of a supermine sea otter biplane .
  A good number of photos show aircraft carrier HMS Glory and HMS Theseus seems D.M. Surry served on both these aircraft carriers .
  Other photos show places visited , other sailors /airmen ,  journey out to and return from the Far East ,places along the way ,  places visited ...there are photos of tea plantations and around 10 charming photos of Sakai tribal people .
   This album gives a real flavour of this mans service . If you would like a copy of this cd for £6 ( freepostage ) ..paying via paypal ..please click here ...
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