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Here I have to offer a CD of images taken from a fine and extremely rare photo album taken and kept by Admiral George Napier Tomlin from 1905-1912.  (I also have Admiral Tomlin’s scrapbooks from the late 1880’s through to 1944 and his original diaries dated between 1907 through to 1944.  All in all an impressive archive for which I would like to find a home!)  I have added approx.50 scans of a selection of items from his scrapbooks, including his wedding. (His bands were read out on the Royal Yacht Medina, where he often dined with the King and Queen).
There are approx.100  images of which the majority are of Naval interest – views taken aboard the  HMS Magnificent, her officers and crew, practices of drill, formal and informal group shots.  The highlights for me are three excellent images of HMS Majestic at the Gun Wharf in Malta where we see 12” gun being replaced during 1905.
  A nice series of 19 images follow showing the crew in action on various exercises (apparently in Gibraltar), including lowering and sending out a target, firing practice, a group posing by a large torpedo,  several nice groups of Officers and men, one titled “Waiting for the King of Portugal”, another shows a group “after coaling”, two show the Majestic, one of her firing, the other towing the Magnificent. The group finished with a full plate view of the Officers of the Magnificent and everyone has been named – from the Captain, A.M. Farquhar, to the ship’s dog (“Sweep”).  Three photo’s of Tomlin fooling about in Madeira with fellow Officer (incl. Captain Cartwright R.M.L.I.)
Other original, unpublished photo’s of HMS Albemarle. HMS Drake,  HMS Vulcan ,HMS  King Edward and HMS Caeser.  There are also two photo’s of him at work on Royal ship, HMS Medina, where he was the ship’s Commander.   Other photos of Medina and Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert.
  Please note there is some duplication on the cd ...firstly I scanned the originals raw ,then  "enhanced " some of the best images by playing with contrast and shading ...I think this  has  improved some of the more faded images ..I have printed some out on quality photographic paper to 8 by 6 inches ..they look great framed and mounted on my wall . I  can also provide these to you for a small fee .
I have outlined his service record below, a copy of which is on a word document on the CD.
Admiral George Napier Tomlin C.M.G., M.V.O. (1875-1947)
HMS ANSON -                                  June 1890 – August 1891                   (Mid-ship man)
HMS RALEIGH – (Cruiser)              1891 – 1894                                        (Mid-ship man)
HMS PHILOMEL                              August 1894 – November 1894          (Sub-Lieutenant)
HMS LIBERTY                                 March 1896 – November 1896           (Sub Lieutenant)
HMS IMOGENE                               November 1896 –January 1900          (Lieutenant)
HMS SIRIUS – (Cruiser)                   March 1900 – September 1900           (Lieutenant)
HMS PHAETON – (Cruiser)             October 1900 – September 1903        (Lieutenant)
HMS HOOD – (Battleship)                September 1903- July 1904                (Lieutenant)
HMS MAGNIFICENT                      July 1904 – November1906                (Lieutenant)
HMS EXCELLENT                           1907                                                    (Lieutenant)
HMS ALBEMARLE                                     February 1909 – November 1909       (Commander)
HMS FORMIDABLE                        November 1909 - January 1910          (Commander)
HMS ALBEMARLE                         January 1910 – November 1911         (Commander)
George Napier Tomlin went straight to sea from H.M.S. BRITTANIA and was in two actions ashore on the west coast of Africa as a midshipman of 17.  In 1911-12 he navigated H.M.S. MEDINA, with King George V and Queen Mary on board, to India and back for the Durbar, for which he received the M.V.O..
1913 – Tomlin spends the year at the Navigation School in Portsmouth taking the Senior Officers Course.
ROYAL YACHT                               January 1914 – August 1914              (Commander)
HMS AGINCOURT                         August 1914 – 1916                           (Captain 1915)
HMS LIVERPOOL                           January 1919 –March 1919                
HMS CANADA –(Dreadnought)      April1919 – 1920                                (Commander)
1921-1922-1923 –These years see Tomlin taking up a position training Officer’s on the Senior Officer’s War Course at Greenwich, working for Rear Admiral H.W. Richmond
After the Armistice he was given command of an Allied squadron in the Black Sea, which was responsible for seeing that the terms of the Armistice were carried out.  For his services in this connection, he was awarded the C.M.G.  Subsequently he commanded the battleship HMS CANADA, built for the Chilean navy, and later handed over to them.  His experience during that transaction led to his being ‘lent’ to the Chilean Navy for two years to found a Naval War College after a period on the staff of the corresponding organization at Greenwich.  He commanded the MALAYA in the Mediterranean, was promoted to REAR-ADMIRAL in 1927 and lent to the Egyptian Government for seven years with the titles of ADMIRAL and PASHA.  He retired in 1934.
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