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16th / 5th Lancers Royal Amoured Corps Photo Albums

Here I offer a new cd title ..It contains 158 high resolution 1200dpi scans produced from a father and sons original photo albums .

Interestingly it appears both were tank commanders in the 16th/5th lancers .

Serjeant George William frederick Kent .7880713 .. 16th/5th Lancers , Royal Armoured Corps . Served in the Middle East during the 1930s and was killed in action on 24th April 1943 , aged 32 ..he is buried at Massicault war cemetery Tunisia ..there is a photo of his gravesite marked by a wooden cross ( later replaced with a headstone ) ..his album contains images of locals , places visited ..but more interesting photos show tanks , army trucks , 13 rare photos showing the bombing / demolition of Jaffa Palestine and its aftermath .. 5 photos of trains derailed by Arabs .( another photo shows shot ambusher dead on the ground ) . Photos of British soldiers searching for weapons / questioning locals . 3 photos show tank being used to flaten houses in tenneque .A good number of uniformed shots ..a couple of photos seem to relate to his WW2 service ...he is pictured with others having dug in against the threat of Italian bombers .

Many of the photos are captioned .

The second group of photos relate to son Robert Kent ...he served during the late 1950s /60s ...with the 16th/5th The Queens Royal Lancers . He was stationed in Germany ..some nice photos of centurion tanks , scout cars , army trucks ...centurion on tank transporter . Robert is pictured driving scout cars and on top of Centurion .

A classic case of a proud son stepping into his fathers foot prints .

To buy a copy of this cd for £10( free postage ) paying via paypal please click here ......

16th/5th Lancers cd